Bring Your Yachts and Yacht Charters to Life with Video

Professional yacht videos make a difference and are fast becoming the creative force that is driving the marketing strategies of many yacht brokers, yacht charters, and the yachting industry as a whole. In today’s world videos of your yacht, services and/or products makes complete cents (actually dollars added to your bottom line)

You Tube has become the marketing gateway for many industries including the yachting industry. When done right videos take the viewer to a whole new experiential level and are actually searchable on the internet ranking high in keyword searches right alongside your SEO optimized website. A yacht video then becomes a high quality lead source that increases your lead conversion rates.

Appealing to today’s yachting enthusiast and consumers overall is a digital marketing game played at the top of the search ranking lists.  The highest ranking websites, videos blogs win, right? Not necessarily, if the quality of the video just isn’t there and the website content does not hold the interests of the viewers then they bounce right out and you are still not seen, that is why you need experts to guide you through the internet jungle. Let’s face it you would not go on a tour of the Amazon on your own without a knowledgeable guide and the ins and out of SEO. Social Media and blogging should not be undertaken without an expert as well.

For superb quality yacht videos your first point of contact is the videographer.  When hiring a videographer for filming your yacht make sure they have the following qualifications to produce a magnificently orchestrated, creative first class video.

► The yacht videographer you are hiring needs to have knowledge and experience in the yachting industry.  You can find out by checking for references or checking out the videos that they already produced. Of course feel free to view the videos on produced and filmed by Charl Jordaan of Yachting Image.

► The yacht videographer needs to understand and be on top of the latest video marketing trends on the internet in general and within the yachting industry. What’s working and what’s not.

► The yacht videographer needs to be working with state-of-the-art equipment. Make sure your video is being produced in full HD (High Definition) You want the best quality.

► Creativity counts merged with technical prowess.  Achieving the perfect balance between both creates a high energy marketing magnet for your yacht and/or company.

►The yacht videographer needs to be able to film on location. Wherever the yacht is located the videographer needs to make all of the proper arrangements for filming inclusive of helicopter, models etc. to produce optimum results.

►The yacht videographer needs to work with you and/or the captain and the crew on  a video production schedule to ensure all of the details are covered and everyone and the yacht is in the right place at the right time to successfully capture the lighting and right atmosphere to produce a highly marketable video that will capture the viewers attention making them wanting to take the next step to contact you or your company.

Your yacht video is one of the most valuable investments that you can make in marketing your yacht along with your website. Make sure you have the right team behind you that cares about your success. We know at Yachting Image that your success is ours and that is why we go out of our way to create the best videos, shoot the best yacht photography, develop a high quality website, Optimize your Social Media, through You Tube, Facebook, Twitter etc. and get you top rankings thorough our SEO expertise.

Happy Yachting and we wish you much success in the future of your business.

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